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About DataCell

DataCell is a data hosting service provider and an experienced data center operator. The company was incorporated in Reykjavík, Iceland, as a result of over 20 years of experience in information and communications technology. The management team includes two Internet pioneers who have started as Internet service providers since early 1990s in Switzerland and Iceland, which became one of the biggest providers in both countries.

We are committed to provide the most cost-effective data hosting services and discovery recovery solutions for our customers. We plan our data center with sustainability issues in mind, aiming to provide and satisfy the increasing demand for data in information age with minimum environmental impacts.

With data centers located in Iceland and Switzerland powered by 100% pure green energy, DataCell is a leader in ethical data storage and server hosting.

  • Incorporated in Reykjavik in 2010
  • 20 years experience as Internet pioneer
  • Data centers in Switzerland and Iceland
  • Ethical data hosting provider
  • Sustainable and green energy
  • Protect your data privacy

"The right to know anything that is pertinent to your life and that which governs you. The right to know any information that has been generated with taxes that you have paid."

— John Perry Barlow Iceland, 2008

Why Us?

  • Offset your carbon-footprint with us. Our data centers are operated and powered by 100% renewable energy sources means that they produce no carbon emission.
  • Safe haven for your data protection. Our data protection policy is inline with European Data Protection directive. The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative is working towards providing a safe environment for investigative journalism and this makes the Iceland a favourable location to host your websites, especially for journalists.
  • No variable bandwidth costs. We believe Internet communications in 21st century should be cheap and affordable. Over the years, Icelandic pay high prices for the data communications. Here, we try to bring that cost down.

Our Data Centers

Our Infrastructure

"We invest in the latest hardware and software environments to ensure that you benefit from maximum performance and security."

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