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Our Infrastructure

DataCell data centers are located in secure facilities in Reykjavik, Iceland and Basel, Switzerland. Directly connected to DataCell's Global Fiber Optic Network for seamless connections worldwide, our data centers provide customers with a high-speed connection to ISPs all over the world.


Main Features

  • We invest in advanced cooling and humidity control system to provide optimal operating environment to our servers.
  • We produce virtually zero carbon footprint. The naturally cool climate in Iceland eliminate the need for running around-the-clock air-conditioning in our server rooms. Furthermore, the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • Our data centers are connected to multiple power feeds for redundant power supply. Backup power units are installed to ensure uninterruptible electricity supply and guarantee continuous operation even during the unforeseeable power outage time.
  • Are our servers are monitored by 24-hour monitoring system, down to individual virtual servers purchased by our clients.


Our data centers are under strick security and monitoring. A fire suppression system works in collaboration with heat and smoke detection systems. Access to the data centers is limited to our system administrators and authorised personnel only. Your IT operations and services are protected by multiple layers of defenses in our data centers — ensuring that your data security is never compromised.


Our statements on environmental responsibility

We choose our location strategically. We opt for countries with strong environmental policy such as Iceland and Switzerland where renewable energy source is abundant and cheap. We also invest in advanced cooling and humidity control systems to minimize the environmental degradation resulting from operating the servers.


Disaster recovery

We continuously monitor your service to ensure total uptime. For customers who need added layer of redundancy service guarantee, we also offer off-site backup for your data in our data center in Switzerland.